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Comodo Internet Security for Windows | Download Comodo Internet Security 2023 for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit). Comodo Internet Security protects your computer and personal information from viruses, malware, and other online threats. It includes an antivirus component, a firewall, and a sandbox that lets you run dangerous apps in a secure environment. Comodo Internet Security may comprise a safe browser, VPN service, and system optimization tools to protect your online privacy and security.

App Name Comodo Internet Security
Version Latest Version 2023
License Trial
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)


Comodo Internet Security for Windows

When looking for the best virus protection software for your Windows PC, you must consider a few key factors. These include your ability to protect your computer against malware, a custom scan, a virus free guarantee, and a firewall. If you want a comprehensive program that can do these things, check out the Comodo Internet Security 2022 for Windows PC.

Comodo Internet Security 2022 for Windows PC is designed to keep your computer safe from malicious threats. It integrates automated sandboxing of suspicious files and a firewall module to protect your PC from attacks. Besides this, it includes an antivirus engine to keep your system clean.

Comodo Internet Security is effective at protecting your computer from malware and integrates Defense+, a host intrusion prevention technique, to ensure that your system stays protected. This feature notifies you if an unauthorized application attempts to access your PC. In addition, it allows you to set up a whitelist or block certain processes.

Its main console features large tile buttons, which can be used to perform a scan quickly. It also offers fast access to settings, tasks, and Live Support.

Custom Scan

Comodo Internet Security is an antivirus software for Windows. It provides protection against malware and can detect the latest threats. However, it lacks some features found in other competitors.

Comodo offers several customer support options, including live chat, phone, and forums. Their customer service is friendly and professional. In addition, you can request a free trial of their antivirus program.

Comodo Internet Security offers custom scans and other advanced scanning options. You can choose to run a full system scan, scan commonly infected areas, or use a heuristic check to find obfuscated files.

Comodo is a popular choice for those looking for a powerful antivirus solution. It offers an intuitive interface and many features. It also comes with a 30-day trial.


Comodo Internet Security is an Internet security suite that includes an antivirus program, a personal firewall, and host-based intrusion protection system (HIPS). This software helps you secure your online connections, stop spam, and protect your computer from malware. It also comes with Geek Buddy, which is a remote support service that allows you to talk to experts over the internet.

It also has a sandbox and a virtual desktop, making it easy to install programs while your computer is isolated. The sandbox is like a separate operating system that you can run suspicious applications on without affecting the rest of your PC.

It also includes a virtual browser that blocks cookies and other types of unwanted websites. You can use this browser on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Virus-Free Guarantee

The “Virus-Free Guarantee from Comodo Internet Security for PC combines a suite of sophisticated security tools to keep your computer safe. This antivirus software includes everything you need to safeguard your digital life, from a cloud hub to security for your private data.

Its user interface can be daunting. However, Comodo provides excellent support for those with questions. They have multiple channels for customer service, including live chat, forums, and a phone number.

AV-Test evaluated Comodo’s antivirus software, giving it a perfect 100% score in malware testing. The company also received a 5/6 score for performance.

Comodo’s ad blocker and secure browser were less effective than other companies’. In addition, it failed to protect against known phishing websites. Despite these shortcomings, this antivirus solution has several useful features.

Comodo Internet Security 2023 for Windows
Comodo Internet Security 2023 for Windows

Comodo Internet Security key features

Comodo Internet Security is a security software suite that protects against various online threats, including viruses, malware, and other malicious software. Some key features of Comodo Internet Security may include:

  • Antivirus protection: Comodo Internet Security includes an antivirus component that can scan for and remove viruses and other types of malware from your computer.
  • Firewall: The Comodo Internet Security’s firewall component can help protect your computer by blocking unauthorized incoming and outgoing connections.
  • Online security: Comodo Internet Security includes tools to help protect your online privacy, such as a secure browser and virtual private network (VPN) service.
  • Sandbox: The sandbox feature of Comodo Internet Security allows you to run potentially risky programs in a secure, isolated environment, so they cannot harm your system.
  • Secure shopping: Comodo Internet Security includes tools to help protect your online shopping and banking transactions, such as secure keyboard input and secure browsing.
  • Performance optimization: Comodo Internet Security includes tools to help optimize your system’s performance, such as a disk cleaner and startup manager.

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3.4/5 (5 votes)

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